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Utica and Schenectady Railroad

Fire and Water Proof Cement

Interesting to Railroad Corporations

Whitney's Pacific Railroad

McKinney's Improved Mode of Regulating the Setting of Bows in Wagon Tops

Telegraph to France from England

Proposed Improvement of Costume

Bark Mill

Fair of the American Institute

McCormick's Grain Reaper

Mining in New Brunswick

Oil of Poppy Seeds

Patent Cases—Telegraph Case

The Voltaic Battery—Chemical Equivalents

New Rotary Engine

Revolving Cylinder Steam Engine

Apparatus to Measure a Ship's Leeway

Commissioner of Patents

Gelston's Double Force Horse Power

New Old Invention

A Discovery

Regulator for Hydraulic Rams

The Manufacture of Fine Glass in England

Maryland Mechanics Institute Fair


The First Steam Engine—James Watt

Ocean Steam Ships

List of Patent Claims

Bound Vol. 5, Now Ready

Important Notice to Us!

To Inventors and Mechanics

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World! Sixth Volume of the Scientific American

To Our Young Men

Scientific Memoranda

One of the Comparative Advantages of Coke as Fuel

Wind Measurer


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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October 26, 1850

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