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A New Varnish Wanted

Wheeling and the Railroads

Portsmouth and Concord Railroad

To Make the Nitrate of Silver

The Pacific

Sackett's Harbor & Saratoga Railroad

Potter's Improved Rut Scraper

Iron Steamers

Fair of the American Institute

The Cigar Destroyer


Every Farmer his Own Miller

Patent Cases

The Voltaic Battery—Precipitation of Metals

The Principle of Morse's Patent, &C

A Patent Steam Bread-Baking Machine

Patent for the Reduction of Gold

Improved Stove

Improvements on Harvesting Machines

Improved Plow

Improved Grate

Belts of Machinery

War against Machinery

A Hint to Subscribers

Another Discovery in Daguerreotyping

Our Contemporaries

The Russ Pavement

Notice—Erratum—Patent Laws

Labor-Saving Soap

Invention in the Sugar Manufacture

Commissioner of Patents' Report

Decision in the Great Telegraph Case

Military Surgeons

List of Patent Claims

Bound Vol. 5, Now Ready


Photographic Pictures on Glass

Scientific Memoranda

The Barometer

Steam between Philadelphia and Liverpool


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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November 02, 1850