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The Railway Monarch's Star again in the Ascendant

Stew Art's Rotary Steam Engine

Wilder's Leeway Indicator

The Principle on which Plants are Propagated by Cuttings

The Compound Railroad Iron

A Yankee

Fair of the American Institute

The Largest Merchant Ship in the World

Peter Deshong

Esquimaux Theory of the Heavenly Bodies

An Impostor Inventor

Booth's Patent for the Reduction of Gold

Foreign Correspondence

Responsibility of Captains, Overseers, &c

The Voltaic Battery—Precipitation of Metals

NUMBER v—(Continued.)

Improved Lathe Chuck

Useful Hints

The Iron Twin Steamer—An Old Concern

Sea Sickness

Improvement in Quilted Cloth

Improvement in Apparatus for Drying Cloth in Printworks

Rotary Steam Engine

New Locomotive

Improved Saw

Fall of a Suspension Bridge

Captain Taggart's Propeller Balloon

Machinery for Turning Irregular Forms

Jenny Lind's Concerts at Tripler Hall

Commissioner of Patents' Report

An Important Paragraph

The American Institute

Extent and Population of London

Shot on Iron Ships—A New Protective

List of Patent Claims

Tobacco Culture

Our Manufactures

Patent Claims


Inventors and Manufacturers

Some Pecuilar Properties of Water and Air

Scientific Memoranda

Clark's Patent Auger


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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