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Losing the Trade

Improved Hand Copying Press

Dayton and Springfield, Ohio Railroad

The Virginia Central Railroad

The Central Ohio Railroad

Lebanon Valley Railroad

Hudson River Railroad

To Cook the Egg Plant

New Steamship

American Labor and Machinery and Foreign Labor, &C

The Late Fair of the American Institute

The Voltaic Battery—Precipitation of Metals

New Jersey Elections and Railroad Monopoly

Family of Patrick Henry

Booth's Patent for the Reduction of Gold


Safety Gun Hammer

New Printing Machine

Improved Brick Making Machine

A Patentable Subject

Post's Patent Stirrup Iron

To Keep the Dust out of Railroad Cars

Improved Mode of Fastening Scythes in the Snaths

Stewart's Rotary Engine

Maryland Institute of Mechanic Arts

Boiler Water Gauge

The Britannia Tubular Bridge

Commissioner of Patents' Report

Coating Iron with Copper

West India Mail Company

Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid

Patents Granted—Secret Use

McCallum's Improved Railroad Bridge

Interesting Experiment

List of Patent Claims

Telegraph Patent—Morse's, Bain's, and House's Claims

The Iron Trade of England before the Discovery of Coal

Patent Claims


Philadelphia Art Union


Inventors and Manufactures

Cancer Treatment

Scientific Memoranda


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November 16, 1850

Confronting Common Wisdom