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True Heroism

Keeping Pumpkins

Liquid Saleratus

Malleable Brass

To Fatten Fowls

Wilder's Revolving Cylinder Engine

Bronze Mordant

American Apples

Gold in Rolite

Ogdensburg Railroad

Our Lines of Railroads

Pentenkofer's Copper Amalgam

The Races of Man

To Give Copper Goods a Costing of Bronze or of Brass

A Fire Engine for the Industrial Exhibition

Fair of the American Institute

How to Keep Worms out of Dried Fruit

Industrial Exhibition in 1851—Circular

Unrolling of an Egyptian Mummy in Ireland

Mills for South America

The Linen Trade of Ireland

The Arkwrights As They Are

The Tobacco Business

The Voltaic Battery—Precipitation of Metals

Number VI

Vacuum for the Transmission of Power

Warren's Steel Spring Chairs

Decision of the Patent Office

Electro Magnetic Passenger Index

Steam Between Antwerp and New York

A New Life-Boat

Washing Stairs or Passages

Improved Locomotive Boiler

Improvement in Dams

New York Mechanics' Institute

American Chair Manufacturing Company

Causes Which Contribute to Give Various Temperatures to Countries in the Same Latitude

Commissioner of Patents' Report

Maryland Institute of Mechanic Arts

Reform of the English Patent Laws

Box and Match Machine Wanted

Complimentary about Patents

List of Patent Claims

The Foot Prints of the Creator


Patent Cases. Important Decision

Physical Aspect of Geological Systems


An Important Paragraph

Lucog Correspondents


Telegraph in America

Scientific Memoranda


Fat and Lean


  • From the Editor


  • To Correspondents

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November 23, 1850

Confronting Common Wisdom