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To Prevent Incrustation in Boilers

To Prevent Fermentation in Cider, Wine, or Beer

Indiana Railroads

Machinery for Calendering, Folding, and Measuring Cloth

Pacific Railroad

To Toughen New Earthen Ware

Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad

American Artists in Rome

Reduction of the Gold in its Metallic form from the above Compound

New Locomotives

To Prepare a Solution of Gold

The Complexion

A Snail Telegraph. Wonderful Discovery

Carrier Pigeons

Form of the Blast Furnace

World's Fair in London

Wreck of the Lexington

Explosion of a Steam Boiler

Glass Palace for the Industrial Exhibition

Railroad Telegraph


French Farming

Jacquard and his Machine

Inauguration of the Great Colossal Statue of Bavaria at Munich

The Voltaic Battery—Precipitation of Metals

Number VI.--(Concluded.)

Strange Phenomenon

Balloon vs. Steamboat

Foreign Patents, Collated from our Foreign Exchanges

Discovery of a Third Ring to Saturn

Gas for Factories

Clay Tempering Machine

Gutta Pescha

Improved Grain Separator

Improvements in Planing Machinery

Reefing Topsails from the Deck

Improvement in the Manufacture of Sugar

A Present

Commissioner of Patents' Report

Patent Laws of all Nations

Patents and Engravings

A Permanent U.S. District Court in New York

California News

The Chinese Doctors

Paine and his Electric Light

Good Properties and Virtues of Milk

Interesting Patent Cases

A Mammoth Globe

Patent Claims

An Important Paragraph


Inventors and Manufactures

New Method of Producing Burning Fluid

The Adulteration of Sugar


Adulterated Drugs


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    To Correspondents

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November 30, 1850