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Canada and Maine Railroad and a New Steamship Line

Railway through the Alps

Spoke Tennoning Machine

To Prepare Window Shades for Painting

Anthracite Coal Trade

Wheeling Railroad Subscription

Irish Riots

Kerosene Gas—Nova Scotia Going-a-Head of Old Mother

Water Gas Company

Patent Case. Casting Chilled Rollers

A Suggestion to Builders

Stone Ware in Texas

Ingenious Piece of Workmanship

Letter from Mr. Paine

New Route Discovered in Nicaragua

President's Message

Protection from Pedlars

Ship Building in Oregon

Some Phenomena of Defective Vision

Survey of the Mississippi

The Boiler Explosion

The Charleston Fair

The First Steamboat

A Curiosity

The Scotch and American Yankees

To Connecticut Mechanics

World's Fair on Governor's Island

Spring Power to Propel Vessels

The Voltaic Battery—Electrotype

Number VII

Functions of the Nervous System and Brain Scientifically Considered

Bridge Over the Ohio

Bridge from France to England

World's Great Convention of Doctors

Coal Breaking Machinery

Water Pressure Engine

Machinery for Turning Irregular Forms

Match-Making Machine

Self-Acting Parallel Gate

Our Manufactures

Solders and Soldering

Commissioner of Patents' Report. Concluding Remarks

New Fabric

Paisley Shawls and British Taxation

Question about Patent Property

Gravitation—What it Is

List of Patent Claims

An Important Paragraph

Patent Claims



Inventors and Manufactures

Improvements in Tanning Leather

Worms on Snow

Scientific Memoranda


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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December 07, 1850