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Shell Banks in Ohio

Rio Grande Survey

Newman's Patent Excavating Machinery

Lewistown Suspension Bridge

Tehuantepec Survey

Stopping Trains by Electricity

Gilding Solution

Discovery of Another Mammoth Cave in Indiana

Forms of Matter

Currents of the Ocean

Bermuda Corals

Improvement for Working Butter

Bee Hives

Wheeling Bridge Case

Probable Detention of Two Americans in Paraguay

Poisoned by Eating a Worm

Beautiful Varnish

The Voltaic Battery—Electrotype

Chemistry of Madder

Improvements in Printing



Improvements in Gate Hinges

Copying Electric Telegraph

Novel Boiler Feeder

Newly Invented Gas Light—New Source of Heat and Motive Power

The Planet Saturn

Broom Machinery

The Importance of Correct Patent Specifications

Testing Iron Girders

Mechanical Drawing

Form of the Least Resistance

Growth of the Human Nails

Electric Lights Again

City Railroads

Great Exhibition—English Patent Laws

Change in the Post-Office

List of Patent Claims

Articles from Jerusalem to the World's Fair

The Steam Engine

Pulverized Wood for Cattle

Standing Notice to Subscribers

New Explosive Substance

To Take a Plaster of Paris Cast from a Living Face


Inventors and Manufacturers

To Render Cloth Incombustible

Poison Sausages


Improvements in the Manufacture of Flax in Ireland


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