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Gold Color or Oil Size

Coloring Yellow

Gold Water Size

Preparatory Size

Improved Ships' Windows

National Road to the Pacific

To Light Matches in Damp Weather


White Coating

Errata of Patent Claims

Chart of Chemistry



Letter from Mr. Paine

Mixture to Color the Hair

New Photographic Process on Paper

The London Athenum and the Patent Journal

New York Milk

Re-Vaccination and Small Pox

Chaldean Agriculture and Drainage

Fall of a part of the Horse-Shoe at Niagara Falls

Spontaneous Combustion of Cotton

Wealth of Trinity Church

Astronomy and Mechanical Genius

Correspondence from Siam, East India

Improved Gate

Barnum's Planing Machine

Head Rest for Railroad Car Seats

Keep the Feet Dry

New Barrel-Making Machinery

Patent for Hardening Oil for Making Candles

Improved Cultivator

Hints to Inventors

Cheap Postage

New Year's Presents

Reform of the Patent Laws

The Supply of Cities and Villages with Good Water

Explosion of Steam Boilers

Poisonous Effects from New Earthenware

List of Patent Claims

Standing Notice to Subscribers

A Tall One

A Powerful Voice

The Preserving Influence of Chloroform

Scientific Memoranda

New Water-Proof Discovery


Inventors and Manufacturers

Fire-Proof Ropes

Fallacies of the Faculty


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    December 28, 1850