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American Life Boats in England

Repairing Steam Boilers

RailRoad News

Camphor Balls for the Hands

Wright's Improved Mashing Apparatus for Distilling and Brewing

Probable Boon for Grumbling Shavers

Bills for Reforming the Patent Laws

Steam Power in France

Teeth Set on Edge

Woodworth Planing Machines—Important Decision

Whirlpools and Whirlwinds

To Make Textile Fabrics Water-Proof

Medical Gleanings in Naples

Extension of Patents Applied for

The Gases of Water

Scientific Examination of the Florida Coast

Pony Sleigh for the World's Fair

Electric Clock

Machine for Making Umbrella Ornamental Handles, Canes, &c.

Machine for Splitting Rattans


Sash-Bar Grooving Machine and old Gen Bentham

New York Streets—Mud

Drawing in Academies and Colleges

New Aerial Propeller

More about Agricultural Chemistry

A New Locomotive for Cuba

Meeting about New York Gas

The Future—Industry

Mechanical Principles—No. 3

List of Patent Claims

Coal for Gas

Belts and Pulleys

Standing Notice to Subscribers


Annual Less of Life and Property on the Lakes

Aerial Navigation

The Flax Cotton Again

Properties of Ether



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