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Progress of Astronomy

To Cleanse the Hair

Perfumes for Pocket-Handkerchiefs

To Remove Freckles

To Cleanse and Improve the Hair

Improvements in Blast Furnaces

Railroad through Canada to the Pacific

Coinage in the U.S. Mint for 1851

Chloroform as an Antiperiodic

A Physiological Problem

Cave Villages in France

Correspondence of the Herald, Scire Facias and Stealing Inventions

Bills for Reforming the Patent Laws

The Hygroscope

Destruction of Movements in Egypt

The Application of Iron to Railway Structures

Railroad Alarm Bell

New Coal Breaker

Improved Burning Fluid Can

Improved Brick Machine

Syphons to Raise Water over Banks

New Method of Engraving

Improvement for Bending Carriage Springs

Falling of Buildings in New York

To Mechanics

The Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition

Design to Convert the Patent Office from its Legitimate Use

Daguerreotype—New Discovery

Gutta percha for Covering Telegraph Wires

New Fuel

List of Patent Claims

Liquid Leather

The Telegraph

Seasonable Hint to Consumers of Coal

Mechanical Principles—No 4

The Northern Lights

Patent Claims

American Coal Trade

Adulteration of Milk

Moveable Fire Boxes for Locomotive and Marine Boilers

Animal Substances in the City

Interesting Chemical Discovery


Inventors and Manufacturers


Brazilian Tea


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  • To Correspondents

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