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Hydrogen a Metal

Amalgam of Gold or Silver

Preparation of Ditto Practised by Water Gilders

Silvering Plates for the Daguerreotype

Water Gas for Lighting and Heating

The Panama Railroad

Silvering Clock Faces, Barometer Plates, &c

Improved Cultivator

Reform of the Patent Laws—Washington Republic

Verdict of the Coroner's Jury about the Fallen Buildings

Publishers and Editors

Taciturnity of Genius

Look out for Impostors

The World's Fair

Patent Cases

California Agency

Expose of Paine's Light

The Human Ear

New Wingless Bird

Basaltic Columns

The Age of Gold


Air Locomotives again

French Statistics

Can Flax be Employed as a Substitute for Cotton

A Remington Bridge Fallen

Our Navigation

History and Description of the U.S. Patent Office Buildings

Mechanical Principles—No. 5

English Patents to Americans

List of Patent Claims

Fast Sailing Ships

Belts and Pulleys

Shanghai and the Chinese

Patent Claims


Inventors and Manufacturers


To Dye Ivory

Smoky Chimneys and Fire-Places



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Introducing Scientific American Health & Medicine