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Improved Seed Planter

East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad

Imitating Ivory and Bone

Chimney Sweep Suffocated

Savannah and Georgia Railroads

Iron Pipes Coated inside with Glass

To Prevent Railway Accidents in England

New Water Machine for Driving a Printing Press

The First Printed Book

A Long Light

Occupations of Inhabitants of Wall Street New York

Kanawha Salt Springs

Turpentine by the Steam Process

The Honey Bee

The American Miller

German Honors Conferred on the Disciple and Friend of Dr. Jenner

The Manufacture of Soda Ash

Flax, its Cultivation and Manufacture

Medical Discovery

Electricity and Steam Boilers

New Type Setting Machine

Improved Spring Carraige Wheel

Circular to Inventors and Patentees

The Bill for Reforming the Patent Laws

New Slate Material

New Self-Centering and Self-Releasing Lathe

Music by Steam

Improvement on Spike Machines

Expose of Paine's Light

Railroad New Inventions

Improvement in Carding Cylinders

Singular Remedy for Cholera

A Wallet Full of Inventions

Norfolk Steamships

Grand Supper—The New York Sun Printing Press

Attention, Patentees

Art Union Lotteries, &C

Our Ocean Steamships and their Boilers

Foreign Correspondence

List of Patent Claims

California Gold

Thick and Thin Belts

Standing Notice to Subscribers

On the Action of Water on Leaden Cisterns

Manufacturing Bank Notes

Religious Insanity

Glaze for Common Earthenware


Inventors and Manufacturers


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