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Liabilities of Railroad Companies

To Preserve Books from Insects

Yankee Clock Business

Georgia Railroad

Utica and Susquehanna Railroad

Remedy for Burns

To Make Good Mortar

Spike Making Machinery

Charleston and Memphis Railroad

Artesian Well


Cannelton Cotton Mill

Silvered Glassware


The Volcano at Salt Lake

Write Plain

Height of Men

Foreign Correspondence

Railway Car Wheels


Errata—Steam Engine

The Atlantic is Safe

Prussic Acid, Hydrocyanic Acid

Good for the Logwood Business

American Vinegar in England

Sterine Candles

The Telegraph in Mexico

Sub-Marine Telegraph Under the Atlantic

Steaming for Hydrophobia

On the Cicada Septemdecim

Attempt to Poison on Shipboard

Evaporation and Condensation in Engines

Death of a Distinguished Astronomer

New Cloth Folding Machine

The Patent Office Building

Porter's Self-loading Gun

Improvement in Tinsmiths' Wiring Machines

Balance Slide Valves

Steamboat Coal

New Way of Securing Pitchfork Tines

The Coal Fields of the World

Improvement in Tanning and the Treatment of Hides

Mechanical Hobbies

Great Cave Discovered in Indiana

Iron of the United States

Russian Candles

Patent Case--Planing Machine

Mr. Burke and the Reform of the Patent Laws

List of Patent Claims

Patent Claims

Potato Rot



Inventors and Manufacturers

Hair Dyes

Spectacle Lenses


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