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New Arrangement between the New York and Erie Railroad

Birkett's Improvement in Sugar Refining Machinery

Wheeling Bridge

Gold Solution

The Baltic

Macadam in Paris

Growth of Shade Trees

Foreign Correspondence

The Atlantic and Arctic

Queenston Suspension Bridge

Ground Pumpkins and Good Brooms

Choice Receipt for Dyeing

A Real Solution of Gold

Paine's Light in Britain—A Mistake

Spontaneous Combustion in Cotton

California Gold

Improvement in the Manufacture of Starch

Ship Builders and Ship Building

Sea Steamers

Rope-Spinners' Improved Bobbin

New Railway Signal

Improved Plow Cultivator


Monument to Christopher Columbus

English Patents for American Inventions

Barlow's Planing Machine

A New Patent for Something Old

Improvements in Cotton Spinning Machinery

A Great Discovery in Engine Power

New Suspender

Improvement in the Manufacture of Composition Metallic Spoons

Cast-Iron Pavements


Lightning Rods

The Patent Office Building

Sharp Frosts in Valleys

List of Patent Claims

Horseflesh for Food in Prussia and Austria


Preserving Fresh Beef, &C

The Original Inventor of Flax Cotton

Use of Chloroform


Beneficial Effects of Tea

Gypsum in Agriculture

Grease for Coarse Boots

Cheap Pie Crust


Inventors and Manufacturers

Corruption of Words

Castor Beans

Coal of Puget's Sound

To Obtain the Metallic Lead from Sulphate of Lead


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