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To Catch Cockroaches

Blacking for Shoes

Bailey's Improved Turning Lathe

Illinois Railroads

Hudson River Railroad

New York and Erie Railroad

Moving a House Across the Connecticut River

Wisconsin Railroads

To Kill Slugs or Snails that Infest Houses

Doctors in London

Valuable Property

A Reduction of Fare

Responsibility for Baggage

Gigantic Bird

Manufacture of Jewelry in Newark

Influence of Ozone

Foreign Correspondence

Navigation and Shipbuilding of the United States

India Rubber Patent Controversy

One Eyed Thompson

Yankee Clocks

Praising Tea

Large Production of Printing Cloths

Were The Hebrews Acquainted with Butter


Interesting Chemical Discovery


The Manufacture of Glass—No. 1

Pitcairn's Island

White's Hydro-Carbon Gas

Pendulum Ship Ventilators

Improvement in Weaving Looms

Respirator Cravat

Improved Printing Press

A Nineveh Fund

Improvement in Carriages

Improvement in Planing and Tongueing and Grooving Machines

New Printing Press

Meat Biscuit

Twenty-five Dollars Reward


Remarks on Light and Watered Silk

Our Atlantic Steamers

Low Railroad Fares

The Telegraph in France

The Promethus Steamship

A Brother Gone

The Cheap Postage Bill

Chasm Tower Blown Down

The Wants of Man

The Terms As Heavy and Heavier

For the Scientific American

Music and Painting

List of Patent Claims


To Dye a Good Black

Take Care of the Feet

Effect of Nitric Acid upon Bones and Flesh

Edge Tools


Inventors and Manufacturers

Iron Pavement


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