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Lerow and Blodgett's Sewing Machine

Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad

A Mountain of Magnesia in California

Curious Species of Barter

Foreign Correspondence

Receipt for Burns





American Locust, Cicada Septemdecim

Letters of Various European Countries

A Burning Rock in New South Wales

A Lot of Inventions

Fulton in France

Great Discovery in Illuminating and Motive Power

Incrustations in Steam Boilers

Iron Masted Vessels

Improvements in Operating the Picker Staff of Looms

Petition for the Extension of Patents

Premium for a Printing Press

American Enterprise Honored in England

Claussen's Improvements in the Preparation and Bleaching of Flax

Improved Glue Pot for Cabinet Makers and Joiners

Improvement in Paper Pulp Strainers

Management of the Patent Office, and Mr. Burke

Steamboat Betting

American Inventions and Benjamin Cheverton

Appendix to the Washington Astronomical Observations of 1846

Artificial Tooth Manufacturing

Fever and Cancer Cured—Great Discoveries

Machinery and Labor

List of Patent Claims

Petition against Blood-Letting

Electro-Magnetic Experiments

Fossil Tree in Coal Rocks

Letter from Mr. Paine


Inventors and Manufacturers

Geographical Discovery

Depilatory Powder and Manipulating the Eyes

Western Texas

Scientific Memoranda


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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March 29, 1851