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Coal in Road Engines

British Railroad through Canada to the Pacific

Discovery of Ancient Manuscripts at Rome

English and American Patents

Improved Railroad Hand-Car

Iron Ships

Mobile and Ohio Railroad

Railway Accidents Prevented

Queenston Suspension Bridge

The Dry Dock at Pensacola

The Late Hungarian General Bem

A Barn of Glass

Human Life at the East vs. Human Life at the West

Geological Discovery

Foreign Correspondence

A Patent Claim

Bad Water, and the Western Fever

Novel Ice Explosion on Lake Champlain

The Electric Piano

The Electro-Magnetic Locomotive

A Chance for Inventors

Dick's Anti-Friction Press

Great Cavern Discovered in Vermont

A New Kind of Fence

Blowing Great Glass Globes

Improved Row-Lock for Boats

Machine for Greasing and Tarring Spun Yarn

New York Mechanics' Institute

Scientific Convention at Cincinnati

Telegraph Suit

Silver Change and the three Cent Pieces

Inventions, Patents, Patent Laws, &c., in England

The Probable Relation between Magnetism and the Circulation of the Atmosphere

Cotton Versus Flax

A Clock for Sixty Cents

A Patent Suit

Practical Remarks on Illuminating Gas

Fresh Water Frozen Beneath the Sea

Beware of Eating Red Wafers

List of Patent Claims

Patent Claims

Submarine Boat in France

Noble and Witty Reply

Longitude of Savannah

India Cotton Crop

Five Sundays In February in 1852

Dispatch in Ship-Building


Trial of a New Balloon at Paris


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    To Correspondents

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April 03, 1851