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Progress of the Pennsylvania Railroad

Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad

Lake Shore Railroad

Paine's Light—the Patent

Pacific Railway

Tea Seed

Daguerreotyping the Moon

Foreign Correspondence

Immense Engineering Works

Novel Application of Mechanics

Singular Old Coin

Suspension Bridges

Spontaneous Combustion—Fortunate Escape

Deficiency of Weight in Georgia Cotton

Influence of Carbonate and Phosphate of Lime upon Grains

The Roc's Eggs


Extraordinary Case—Trial of Manslaughter in Treating for Burning

Page's Electro-Magnetic Locomotive

Steam Versus Stame

To Render Canvas Water-Proof

The Lever—Its Principles

The London Patent Cab

To Prepare Canvas for Oil Painting


Hewet's Patent Wrench

Improved Harvesting Machines

Improved Stave Machine

Improvement in Hanging Saws in Saw Mills

Ossian E. Dodge

Improvement in Carriage Wheel Hubs

Substitute for the Crank

Patent Cases

Young Children in Factories

Atlantic Mail Station on the West of Ireland

Knowledge is Democratic


Shortest Passage Ever Made across the Atlantic

Quarrels of our Countrymen in London

New York Gas Lights

Practical Remarks on Illuminating Gas

American Shawls

List of Patent Claims

Patent Claims

Notice to Subscribers of Duggan's Work on Bridges

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Steamship Atlantic Tribute to American Nautical Skill

Scientific Memoranda


Durability of Wood


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    Notice to Correspondents

  • To Correspondents

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April 26, 1851

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