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Fall of a Railroad Bridge Near Frankfort, Kentucky

The Eric Canal and Utica and Schenectady Railroad

Improved Flour and Grain Dressing Machine

Discovery in Surgery

Sickness on the Western Rivers

Soft Soap

Valuable Paste for Books

Artesian Well at Newark

American Inventive Genius

To Kill Cockroaches

The Floating of Rafts

Soft Toilet Soap

A New Physiological Test for Insanity

Ruttan's Patent System of Ventilation

Yellow Amber

Water Proof Cloth

Improvement in Cutting Screws

Flexible Ivory

Anthracite Coal Ashes

New Grain Drill

Improved Railroad Truck

Improved Printing Press

Improved Power Loom Picker

Woodworth Patent Case

Joiners' Improved Plow

Artificial Coal

False Lights

Prevention of Explosions on our Western Rivers

Thunder and Lightning—New Way of Making Gas

Splendid Engravings of a New Patent

Patent Law Case of an American Invention in Britain

Practical Remarks on Illuminating Gas

Population of France

List of Patent Claims

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Back Numbers and Volumes

The Science of Going to Bed

Our Paper

The Salt Lake


Dr. Faraday on Chimneys

The United States at the Exhibition



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