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Railroad Accidents in England

Great Steamboat Running

Aquatic Velcoimeter-Ships' Way Measurer

Plank Roads in New York

To Cure Corns

Mechanics Convention at Atlanta, GA

American Telegraph in Sweden

English Imitation of Castile Soap

The Sting of a Locust

A Simple Way To Make Hydrogen Gas

Pearl Soft Soap

Improved Method of Churning

Patent Case—Planing Machine

Marine Soap

Colt's Repeating Fire Arms

Paris Academy of Sciences

Inertia Momentum

Converting Frigates into Steam Propellers

Woodworth Planing Machine

Ships' Cable Nippers

Improvement in Tailors' Measures

Improved Mortising Machine

Endless Printing Press

The Manufacture of Barrels by Machinery

Improved Fence

There is Nothing New under the Sun

The Progress of our Republic

List of Patent Claims

Practical Remarks on Illuminating Gas

Back Numbers and Volumes



Demonstration of the Rotation of the Earth


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