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Profits of Railroads

A False Island

Coal Fields of Pennsylvania

Tunnel through the Green Mountains

Ison's Improvements in Machinery for Making Spikes and Nails

Electro-Magnetism as a Moving Power

Custom House Scrutiny in Liverpool

Special Correspondence of the Scientific American

Hibbard's Patent Process of Tanning

Improved Railroad Brake

Improved Oil Cup

New Rate of Postage—Important Information for the Subscribers of the Scientific American

Improved Machine for Punching Leather Hose, Harness, & c

Roofing the Britannia Tubular Bridge

Great Improvement in the Piano Forte—Piano, Flute, and Viol all Combined

Libbey's Leather Car for raising Hides from Vats

Currents of the Ocean—Pendulum Experiments

Improvement in Shuttles

Patent Case—Carpet Loom

The Recognition of Genius and the Industrial Principle

Cast Iron Buildings—Crystal Palace

Pennsylvania Chrome Mines

Errors in Printing

List of Patent Claims

Practical Remarks on Illuminating Gas

Post Office Stamps

A New Remedy for the Scurvy

Horse Shoeing

St. Domingo Antiquities


Floating of Rafts on Rivers

Receipts for Cholera


Inventors and Manufacturers


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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