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Palmer's Patent Dumping Car

Chloroform a Propelling Power

Diving for Shells

Locomotion the Test of Civilization

Pacific Railroad

American Flour

Discovery in Egypt

Deafness Successfully Treated by Musical Sounds

London Firemen, Fire Engines, &C

Special Correspondence of the Scientific American

The Dells of the Wisconsin

Scientific Memoranda

The Electric Telegraph in the East Indies

The Principal cause of the Explosion of Steam Boilers

Chemical Affinity Illustrated

Everett's Method of Blasting Rocks

Interesting about Railroads

Washington, Pa

Remarkable Automaton Tree

The India Rubber Shoe Trade

Cotton Gins

Gravitating Hotel Enunciator

Improved Rotary Pump

Improvement in Boilers

New Planing Machine

New Seed Drill

Swan's Water Wheel

Vulcanized India Rubber

Byram's American Clocks

Gold of California

Northern Railroads

Correction of a Patent Claim

List of Patent Claims

Back Numbers and Volumes

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Relation of the Chemical Constitution of Bodies to Taste

Neorolegy for the last Half Century—Men of Science


Inventors and Manufacturers



  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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July 19, 1851

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