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Railroad Car Building in Louisville, Kentucky

La Grange and Atlanta Railroad

Blue Rose

Wade's Railroad Brake

Introduction of Rice into Carolina

English Patent Laws, &C

Special Correspondence of the Scientific American

A Nut Uncle John Can't Crack

Paxton Nearly Burned

Colt's Pistols

Advantages of Steam Travelling by Land and Water

The New Motive Power—Centrifugal Force

Retort of a Witness

Strange Surgical Operation

Chemical Improvements Relating to the Arts—Recent Foreign Patents

For Farmers

The Vulcanizing of India Rubber

Improved Plow

The Art of Flying—A Wonderful Feat

Polley's Plan of Opening and Closing Shutters and Blinds

Improvement in the Photographic Art

Improved Lock

Discovery of a New Metal

Improvement in Steam Boilers

Iron Veneering for Fronts of Buildings

Improvement for Blinds of Windows

New Cannon for Throwing Chain Shot

Improved Water Wheel

Improved Seed Drill and Cultivator

Simple Water Filter

Cast Iron Houses in China

A Summer Tour

Is this a Patentable Subject?

Patent Washing Compounds

Iron Buildings in New York City

Inventors' Manual—Legal Principles of Patents

List of Patent Claims

Observations on the Mammoth Cave

No. of Patents Issued In Each Year From

A New Steam Engine

How to Toast Bread

Patent Claims

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Back Numbers and Volumes


A New Remedy in Diarrhea, Cholera Infantum and Cholera Morbus

Scientific Memoranda

Gigantic Water-Works in Ceylon


Inventors and Manufacturers


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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