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Rochester and Syracuse Railroad

From Montreal to New York in 23 Hours

The Atlantic

New Rotary Cylinder Engine

Illinois Railroads

Mortality in our City

British Scientific Association, &C

Special Correspondence of the Scientific American

Another Cure for Dysentery

Curious Piece of Workmanship

Astronomical Phenomena

For the Scientific American

American Flour

New Observatory at Buffalo

To the Editor of the Scientific American

Worcester's Clapboard Planing Machine

The Partition Tumbler

Machine for Making Barrel Heads

A Pirated Invention at the World's Fair

To Patentees—The Policy of Publishing your Inventions in the Scientific American

Colt's Pistol Case

New Air-Gun

Patent Cases

The Largest Steamer in the World

Bomb Lance for Shooting Wales

Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts

Compound Rail of the Mount Savage Iron Works

List of Patent Claims

Causes of Intermitting Springs and Geysers

Electric Action—Steam Boiler Incrustations

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Back Numbers and Volumes

A Machine for Washing Potatoes and Other Roots

Railway Guages

Improvement in the Manufacture of Sugar

Flying Ship

New Waterproofing Composition for Cotton and Other Fabrics


Inventors and Manufacturers. The Best Mechanical Paper In The World! Sixth Volume of the Scientific American

Does the Moon Influence the Weather

Steam Carriages for Public Roads, Balloons &C

Great Balloon Ascension


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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