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Oat Meal as Food

Laws of Railroads

India Rubber for Preserving Water Pure

Silk Cocoons

Manufacture of Porcelain

Thomas' American Mechanical Leech, Cupping and Breast Glasses

One End

The Teeth

Daguerre is Dead

Singular Movements of Lake Michigan

Illustrated Inventions

City Railroads

Chinese Progress

The Justice of a Sultan

The Atlantic Steamship

Separating the Iron Ore by Agitation

London Matters of Gossip Connected with Science, Art, and the Great Exhibition of Industry

Special Correspondence of the Scientific American

Fair of the American Institute

Tanning Buckskins

On the Preservation and Incombustibility of Wood

Tanning and the Tanning Woods of America

Improved Shingle Machine

Saw Filing Machine

Improved Crutches

The Lowell Bobbin Machine

Improvement in Burning Candles

Improvement in Apparatus for Drying Bogasse

English Statesmen and Patent Laws

Atmospheric Light

Short Conversations on Mechanics—No. 1

Hot-Air Drying Process

Remedy for Stains, & c

The Saratoga Springs

A Man's Life Saved by his own invention

White's Patent Hydro-Carbon and Coal Gas

List of Patent Claims

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Back Numbers and Volumes

A Powerful Fire-Engine



Cause of the Expansion of Water by Freezing into Ice

Scientific Memoranda


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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