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Bronson's Improvements in Sawing Frames

Novel Life-Preserver for Railroads

Ohio and Indiana Railroad

For the Scientific American

Protecting River Banks

Chemical Freezing Agents

The Inventor of Railways

The Telegraph in Europe

The Secret of Taming Birds

Diamond Slab


Extension of Steam between Glasgow and New-York

Facts, on Dits, and Matters Connected with the Crystal Palace

Special Correspondence or the Scientific American

Hindoo Mechanics and Artizans

Enthusiasm for Science

New Ballast for Ships

A New Railway Brake

Peraot's Machine for Cutting Screw Blanks

Russell's Improvement in Chimney Caps

The Centrifugal Force Philosophers and the New Motive Power

Cloth Dressing Machine

Improved Fastening for Bedsteads

Improvement in Grist Mills

Improvement in Sugar Apparatus

New Fire Alarm

Mock Auctions and Inventions

Patent Case

Bartlett's Elements of Natural Philosophy—Mechanics

Short Conversations on Mechanics—No. 2

The Alleged New Motive Power

Braithwaite's Retrospect Practical Medicine and Surgery

American Wines

American and London Hats

List of Patent Claims

The Animal Kingdom

Back Numbers and Volumes

New Edition of the Patent Laws


Extraordinary Pertrification and other Curiosities

The Drying up of the Sea


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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August 16, 1851

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