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The Great Railway in Egypt

Purifying Oils

Railways in Italy

New York and Boston Railroad

Improvement in Carriage Springs

To Make Various Kinds of Inks in the best Manner

The Cotton Crop

Special Correspondence of the Scientific American

Railroad in Spain

Opposition to Robjohn's Balloon

Lard Oil

Imposing Stones

Coal in Dutchess Co., NY

A Monster Engine

Bridging the Nile

A Metallic Rudder

Linen from Unrotted Flax—Errors Corrected

Improved Door Spring

Improvement in Filters

Machine for Gathering Clover Seed

Horse-Power Ditching Machine

Machine for Cutting Veneers

Improved Lock

Steam Superseded

Important Patent Cases—Planing Machines

Steamboat Question

Short Conversations on Mechanics—No. 3

Petition for the Extension of a Patent

What Inventors are Doing for the World

Worcester Mechanics' Fair

List of Patent Claims

Steam Communication between New York and Genoa

Scientific Memoranda

French and English Black Broadcloth

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Back Numbers and Volumes

American and Foreign Patent Agency

Tartar on the Teeth

Chloroform and Etherization in Child-Birth

New Prospectus to Mechanics

Inventors and Manufacturers

Quick Work

Self-Acting Lock for Blinds and Window Shutters

New Calculating Machine


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August 23, 1851

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