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A Marvellous Remedy for Burns

Southern Railways

Start's Grain Reaper

Black's Cast-Iron Tubular Trackway

Ascending Heavy Grades

A Fiery Ordeal—lmprovement in Calico Printing—Distinction between Plant and Animals

Special Correspondence of the Scientific American

Extraordinary Gardening

The Works of the Csars and the Stephensons

Dental Operation on an Elephant

Daniel Kirkwood

Vegetable Wonders

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Important to Whalemen

To Prevent the Explosion of Boilers

Robert Fulton and Mr. Baine

Manufacture of Stoves in Albany

Facts for the Curious—Female Beauty

A Natural Bridge in Alabama

Important Improvement in Setting Teeth

Improvement in Oscillating Steam Engines

The Snail Telegraph Again

Tartar on the Teeth

New Locomotive Shoe

New Economy in Steam

Improvement in the Jacquard

Improvement in Building Carriages

Improvement in Kilns

To the Patron and Friends of Science

The Practicabilities of Science

Steamboat and Railroad

Short Conversations on Mechanics—No. 4

English Patent Laws

Mechanical Inventions

Vinegar Adulterations

List of Patent Claims

Fish Breeding

British Lords and English Patent Laws

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Claims

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Lightning Conductors and the Action of the Electric Fluid

Physical Composition of Man

New Prospectus to Mechanics

Inventors, and Manufactures


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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August 30, 1851