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Hudson River Railroad

Broad Gauge on the Far West Railroad

Steam Plow

Pittsburg and Erie Railroad

Our Illustrations

Iron-Horse Race

Life Boats

Fairs and Mechanical Exhibitions

Fossils from the Yellow Stone River

Daguerreotype Pictures

The Universal Stair Builder

Stop Five Minutes

Route to New England

Paddle-Wheels and Propellers

American Association for the Advancement of Science

To Prevent Horses Being Teased by Flies

Improvement in Bee Hives

Patent Revolving Sail-Ship

Substitute for Shoe Leather

Steam Railroad Turn Table

Reaping by Machinery in England

Improvement in Ventilating Cars

Improvement in Machinery for Making Pails, &c

Improvement in Saw Mills

New Lubricator

Prudential Policy

Woodworth Planing Machine Extension

Short Conversations on Mechanics—No. 5

List of Patent Claims

Salivary Calculus, or Tartar of the Teeth

Patent Cases—Cultivators

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Back Numbers and Volumes

Postage on Books

New Prospectus to Mechanics

Inventors, and Manufactures


Application for Extension of Patent

The Climate of Michigan

Voyage Around the World

Electro-Magnetic Clocks


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September 06, 1851

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