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Water Sprinkler for Streets

The Fastest Steamboat Running on Record

Terrible Explosion

Hempfield Railroad

Railroads of Massachusetts

The Great Drouth

Metallic Paint

New Window Sash Fastener

Curious effects of Metallic Vibrations

The Patent Office—Its Architect

Passages of the Atlantic Mail Steamers--Quarter from July 2 to Sept 28, 1851

Improvement in Securing Anvils and Other like Tools to Benches

Foreign Correspondence

Improvement in Picking and Furrowing Mill Stones

Post-Office Stamps—Unfair Dealing

Washington Monument

Cure for Hydrophobia

Expose of Paine's Light

Improvement in Attaching Auger Handles

Improvement in Annealing Wire

A New Science

Phillips' Fire Annihilator

Patent Office Report for 1850—No. 3


Gwynne's Centrifugal Pump

Webster's Unabridged Quarto Dictionary

Our New Type

Steamboat Question—Pacific and Atlantic Tides

List of Patent Claims

Milton's Daughters

On Sending Receipts

Patent Claims

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Binding Volume 6

Back Numbers and Volumes

Postage on Books

Yacht Racing in America and Europe

Variations from Climate in Organic Life

New Prospectus to Mechanics

Inventors and Manufacturers

White's Tubular Suspension Bridge

Sails of the Yacht America

Antidote for Arsenic


  • From the Editor

    Erratum--Tilton's Violin

  • To Correspondents

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