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The Cause of the Potato Disease

Improvement in Railroad Chairs

The Largest Pile of Specie in the World

Steam and Gas Fire Engine

A New Feat--Walking on an Inverted Plane

Mr. Riddle and Carpets


To Mariners on the Pacific Coast

Cheap Gas in London

Petition for Extension of a Patent

Sacred Geography

Scientific Memoranda

Cold Water and Burns

Barnum's Equipage

Ship Propeller Invention

Improvement in Machinery for Sawing Timber

Improved Method of Softening Horn in Comb Manufacture

Improvement in Bedsteads

Improvement in Horse Powers

Improvement in the Drawing Parts of Carriages, &C

The Fire Annihilators Annihilated

Patent Office Report for 1850--No. 6

The Patent Office in Danger

Cheap Postage

Excitement about Mending the Patent Laws

London Great Exhibition--First Prizes--Meat Biscuit

Large Sales of a Large Work

List of Patent Claims

Woodworth's Patent Planing Machines

New York Times and the Patent Laws

On Sending Receipts

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Postage on Books

Patent Claims

Back Numbers and Volumes

Treatment of Rheumatism by Lemon Juice

Tobacco for Wounds

Tea on the Himalays

Rheumatic Fever Treated with Acetate of Potash

New Prospectus to Mechanics

Medical Properties of the Skull-Cap

On Interfering Horse-Shoes and the Remedy

Oil Varnishes

Iowa Coal Field


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October 25, 1851

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