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Railroads in Europe

Things to be Invented

Singer's Sewing Machine

The Fair of the American Institute

Quince and Apple Preserve

Locomotive Prizes

Dr. Jackson's Address before the American Institute

A Monster Tunnel

Improvement in Turning Lathes

The Carbonic Gas Engine

Improvement in Scissors and Shears

Garments without Seams

Stave Dressing Machine

Improvement in Horse Collars

Engine Shafting

Improved Shingle Machine

Improved Railroad Cast-Iron Wheel

Copyright Case

Improvement in the Construction of Sewers

Immense Railroad Depot

Great India Rubber Case in Boston

Varieties in Science

The Late Machinist of the Patent Office

The Fire Annihilator an Old Invention

Return of Greenough the Sculptor

Carbonic Acid Gas and Steam to Extinguish Fires

American Progress

Petition for Extension of Patents

List of Patent Claims

Patent Claims

Back Numbers and Volumes

Postage on Books

New Prospectus to Mechanics

Inventors, and Manufacturers

Buffum's Centripetal Gold Amalgamator

Scientific Memoranda

American Tea



  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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