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City Railroad

Prevention of Accidents on Railroads

Steam Engine Regulator

Foreign Correspondence

The Patent Office in Danger—To American Inventors

Galvanizing Iron—Protecting Steel from Oxidation—Sorel's Patent

Varieties in Science

Pencil Case Improvement

Iron Stone—Terra cotta

Great Improvement in the Construction of Chains

Improvement in Endless Chains for Horse-Powers

Improvement in Cast-Iron Car Wheels

Improvement in the Coiling Roving Machine

Patent Case


Steam Governor Valves

Telegraph Case

The Great Exhibition of Industry

Electro-Magnetism as a Motive Power

Complimentary to the Scientific American

Great Patent Case—McCormick's Reaper

Oil from Popies

List of Patent Claims

A New Cotton Plant

American Clippers—Cotton Sails

On Sending Receipts

Postage on Books

An Important Paragraph

Back Numbers and Volumes

Improved Candles

Horse-Shoeing--Interfering Horses

To Mechanics, Inventors, and Manufactures

Seventh Volume of the Scientific American

Steven's Siding and Flooring Machine


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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November 08, 1851

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