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Patent Centre-Board

Great Western Railroad of Canada

Submarine Explorer

Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad

Great Railroad Engineering

Pittsburg and her Railroads

Demonism on Railroads

Boats on the Erie Canal

New Comet

Decision under the Patent Laws

Steamboats on the Pacific

Recent Foreign Inventions

Prizes Awarded

Coal for Locomotive Engines

Shingle Machine

Suspension Bridge in New Brunswick

Petition for Extension of Patent

New York Exhibition

Discovery of Coal in Oregon

Screw vs. Paddle

Paris Artesian Well

Colt's Revolver Claimed to be an English Invention

Manufacture of Fire-Arms—Springfield Birmingham

New Electro-Magnetic Engine

Improved Railroad Truck


Improved Machine for Cutting Sash and Mouldings

Ontario and Huron Railroad

Improvement in the treatment of Calf Skins during the Process of Tanning

White's Improved Lathe

Improvement in Horse Powers

Transfusing of Blood

The America

Improvement in Burglars Alarm


To Inventors

Mournful Accident

The Hillotype


Improvement in

List of Patent Claims

Funnels of Steamships Affecting Compasses

Back Numbers and Volumes

An Important Paragraph

Sending Receipts—Postage on Books

To Mechanics

Scientific Memoranda

On Boilers--No.2

Volcanic Eruption in the Sandwich Islands


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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