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Air Line of Railroad to Boston

The Philadelphia and Pittsburg Railroads

Safety of Railroads

Stone Dressing by Machinery

Georgia Railroad

To Our City Patrons

The Burial Place of John Fitch

The Magnetic Telegraph Predicted

The Electric Telegraph in France

Suspension Bridge over the St. Lawrence

Spontaneous Combustion

No Evading the Tolls

Cure for Headaches

California Quicksilver

Atmospheric Pressure as a Telegraphic and Mechanical Agent

To Promote Adhesion in Locomotive Wheels

A Great Blast

A Japanese Compass

Railroads in England

Newspapers in the United States

To Cure Nose Bleeding

Recent Foreign Inventions

Woven Cartridge Bags

To Manufacture Resin Soap and Purify Turpentine

Submarine Railroad

Singular Accident by an Oil Can

Registering Blocks for Printing Oil Cloths

Perpetual Motion

New Knitting Machine

Improved Bed for Invalids

Improved Smut Machine

Double Piston Engine

Beardslee's Patent Planing Machine

To Prevent Heating in Circular Saws

New American Steamships

The Washington Monument


New Motive Powers--Steam

Kossuth and Paul

Honor to an American Inventor

Dr. Jackson on Patents


New Building Material in California

A Worthy Migrating Printing Press

Wool in the United States

The Way to Examine a Railroad

List of Patent Claims

An Important Paragraph

Sending Receipts—Postage on Books

Back Numbers and Volumes

To Mechanics

A Black Eye

Warner's Pen

On Boiler s.--No. 4.

Testing the Heat of Artesian Wells

Explosion of Andirons


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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December 20, 1851

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