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New York and New Haven Railroad

Vegetable Extracts and Quack Medicines


New York and Erie Railroad

Frasier's Improved Excavator

Examination of Railroads

Revolving Fire-Arms—Claims of Another Inventor

Railroads and their Management

Coal Mines of England and America

Passages of the Atlantic Steamers from Liverpool

Mineral Wealth of Greenland

Origin of the Turf Bogs in Ireland

The Fulton Steamship

Steam Carriages for Common Roads

Steam to Ireland

Interesting Hebrew Relic

Qualities of Timber—The Proper Time for Cutting it

Frauds in the Weight of Coal

Recent Foreign Inventions

Hospital on Ward's Island

Circular Saws

Improvement in Grain Drills

Alta California

Improvement in Casting Iron Wheels

Tubular Metal Tunnel

Patent Railroad Brake

New Paddle-Wheel

Patent Hurdle Fence


Minot's Ledge Lighthouse

Dr. Colton and the Fire Annihilator


American Philosophy—Maury's Sailing Directions

The Gas Contract Vetoed

The Aztec Children

Repeal of a Patent in England

India-Rubber Power Accumulators

Melting of Metals

For One Dollar

Extinguishing Fire—Air-Slacked Lime

Medicinal Cigars

Width of the Ohio River

Bolt Heading Machine Patent

Philadelphia Museum

January Thaws

Influence of America and Webster's Dictionary in India

The Bain Telegraph

An Interesting Patent Case—An Example to Judge Kane

Consumption of Tobacco and Tea in Britain

Patent Claims

An Important Paragraph

Back Numbers and Volumes

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Nutmegs Indigenous to California

Restoring to Life

Black Noses

On Boilers--No.7

New Photographic Process

Knowledge Contained in the Scientific American

The Scientific American to its Friends and the Public

Salmon Fishing


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