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New Telegraph

To Prepare a Varnish for the Scales of Thermometers

Railroads in California

Encke's Comet

For Varnishing Leather

Frazier's Excavator

Sulphur Springs near Norfolk

Arkansas—Internal Improvements

Blue Ridge Mountain

Dodge's Night Signals for Ships

To Make Good Indian Bread

To Prepare a Varnish for Coating Metals

Cold Weather

Cure for Deafness

Sleeping Fever

Star Fish

Steam Carriages for Plank Roads

Hydrogen Gas

Circular Saws

Leap Year

Great Improvements in Photography


The Air Rendered Visible


Collins Line of Steamers

Patent Geometric Transfer

Quartz Crushing Machinery

Improved Cast-Iron Car Wheel

Improved Paddle-Wheel for Steamboats

Improved Screw Wrench

Improvement in Cotton Felting

Increase of Inventions—Patent Agents

At What Price Gas may be Produced

List of Patent Claims


Russian Sheet Iron

Virginia Fanning

Steam Boiler Explosions

Steam Engines

Explosion of a Drum

Ferry Steamboats and Ice

India Rubber Over-Shoes

Isthmus of Panama

Lead Poisoning

Consumption of Smoke

Dip of the Magnetic Needle

End of a Nobleman whose Progenitor Insulted Franklin

How to Cook Cabbage


An Interesting International Patent Case

The Arabia Steamship

New Edition of the Patent Laws

Patent Claims

An Important Paragraph

Back Numbers and Volumes

On Boilers--No. 9

The Kettle Hat Yet


A Farm Cottage


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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January 24, 1852