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Electric Telegraph in Hospitals

Extraordinary Case of Mirage

Machine for Measuring the Flow of Water

What Railroads Do

City Railroads

Counterfeit Gold Coin

American Genius

Flax Cotton

Keeping Cattle Warm

Manufacturing in Macon, Ga

New Magnetic Indicator

Resuscitation of Frozen Fish

The Sinking of Ice

Steam Carriages on Common Roads--The Last of the Controversy

Early Days of Steam Navigation

Recent Foreign Inventions

Alarm for Tills and Drawers

New Clock Telegraph

Safety Whiffletree

Superior Sand Paper

Extension of the Woodworth Patent

Felt Cloth Carpets

Measures of Length

Petition for Extension of Patent

Photography and Gutta Percha

Prizes for Inventions

The Cold Weather

The Rappings

American Axes in Canada

Burning of a Steamship

Curiosities of Water—Explosions of Steam Boilers

Commercial Statistics of England

Great International Patent Cases

List of Patent Claims

The Great Forrest Case

The Opium Trade

Back Numbers and Volumes

New Arrangement

An Important Paragraph

Vegetable Parasites in Sugar


Singular Effects of Disease of the Brain

Singular Cause of Death

The Coal Trade of Pennsylvania

On Boilers--No. 10



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January 31, 1852