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Laws for Railroads

Marble Cement

Malaga Raisins

Crane for Railroads

The Age of Gold and Iron

Geology of the Lead Mine—No. 1

Middle Rail to Prevent Cars Running off the Track

Francis' Life Boat

Cement to Mend Earthen and Glass Ware

Railroad Accidents

British Metals

New York Mechanics' Institute

Bolt Heading Machine

Disinfecting Lamp

Sulphate of Quinia—Its Use and Abuse

Ordinates of Semi-Elliptic Arches

Physical Benefit of the Sabbath

A Fact About Winters

Recent Foreign Inventions

Perpetual Motion

Improvement in Hanging Carriage Bodies

Writing Machine

Wilton's Stone-Dressing Machine in Tennessee

Improved Loom for Weaving Piled Fabrics

To Prevent Accidents by the Breaking of Railroad Car Axles

New Smut Machine

Magnetic Forces

Invention for Cutting Butter out of Tubs

Heat Radiator, and Condenser

Improvements in Fire-Board

Steam Navies

Mind Your Business

Walking Like a Fly Head-Downwards


History of the Re-Issue of the Woodworth Patent

Communication through the Lakes with the Pacific

Glass Dials for Public Clocks

Wooden Boxes for Machinery

Petitions for Extension of Patent

New Arrangement

List of Patent Claims

An Important Paragraph

Back Numbers and Volumes

Scientific Memoranda


On Boilers—No. 14

Hussey's American Reaping Machine

Electricity—Its Uses

Effects of Using Tobacco


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • An Apology

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