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A Tunnel at Albany

Brown's Force Pump

Statistics of Strikes in Britain

Curious Effect of Trying a Cannon

Hatching Salmon

Poisonous Adulterations in Cider

Railroad Accidents

Railroad Fares

A Good Water Wheel

Wreck of the U.S. Steam-Frigate Missouri, at Gibraltar

Academy of Sciences in Paris

Copyrights and Patents

Cause of the Burning of the Amazon

Dr. Kane's Lectures

Geology of the Lead Mines.--No. 2

Hobb's Locks

New Method of Preparing Negative Photographic Paper

Woodworth Patent Monopoly

Brick Machines

Statistics of Coffee

Recent Foreign Inventions

Our Advertisements

Letter Printing Press—The Typographer

Tubular Tunnel

Rifled Cannon

Cut-Off Valve

Finlay's Patent Differential Governor

Improved Ships' Hank

Lyman's Boiler Gauge

To Subscribers—Our Half Volume

Parker's Water Wheel

Velocity of Light

Monuments to Great Men

List of Patent Claims

World Makers

New Edition of the Patent Laws

An Important Paragraph

New Arrangement

Manufacture of Combs

Yankee Enterprise—Transporting Timber from the Mountains

On Boilers—No 15



Extinguishing of Fires

Cure for Toothache

The Orinoco

Steamship Baltic


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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March 06, 1852