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Cleveland and Wellsville Railroad

Ortlieb's Out-Off for Steam Engines

Whitney's Railroad

Fat People

The Extension of Patents by Congress

A Great Drill

Law of Patents

Lake Superior Rising

Improved Self-Sharpening Grindstone

Galvanic Batteries

Copper Tube Manufactory

Parker and Re-Action Water Wheels

To Stop Bleeding from the Cavity of an Extracted Tooth

Transporting Timber

Marine Architecture--Yachts, America, England

Culture of the Olive

Corns, Shoes, and Proper Measures

Steam Fire Engine

The Telegraph Superseded

A High Bridge

London Steamboats Picking Up

Improvement in Head and Tail Block

Improved Knife for Cutting Hay

Improvements in Spinning

Improved Furnace for Warming Dwellings

Another Great Rifle

Discovery in Sculpture

Conger's Turbine

Croton Metallic Paint

Preserved Meats and Meat Biscuit

Substitute for Pen and Ink

The American Institute and Riddle's Fair

The Woodworth Patent--Petitions Against it

Things to be Invented

Views Respecting the Source of Light

Maryland Mechanics' Institute

An Invention Wanted--Chance for Electric Engineers

Cough Drops

Remarkable Perfection of Instruments

List of Patent Claims

Hollow Bricks, Fire-Proof Buildings, &,C

An Important Paragraph

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

To Correspondents

New Arrangement

Cotton in Russia

Expedition to Japan

Forty Miles an Hour

A Meteoric Engine

On Boilers.--No. 17

Water and Salts-Heating by Water

Unrolling the Mummy of a Bishop


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    March 20, 1852

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