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Railroads of the United Stales

Ozone--What is It?

Jones' Patent Harvesting Machine

Potash in Soot

The New Jersey Zinc


Geology of the Lead Mines--No.4

Disease by Bank Notes

The Municipal Fire Telegraph

Improvement in Telegraphs

A Singular Diet

Improvement in Slat Doors

Improvement in Drying Stoves

Improved Spring for Carriages

Improved Printing Press

Patent Saw-Filing Machine

Improved Ship Block

Revolving Last Holder

Equinoctial Storms

The Hair

Recompense to the Heirs of Woodworth

A Few Words for Farmers

Terrible Accident

The Known and Unknown

Maryland Institute

Cheap Ocean Postage

Nickerson's Improvements in Fire-Arms

List of Patent Claims

New Arrangement

To Correspondents

An Important Paragraph

Crying, Weeping, and Sighing


Important to Railroads

Agricultural Science

On Boilers.--No. 18


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    Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

    Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

    Solving the Water Crisis