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Wickersham's Wire Fence

Nevins' New Cracker Machine

The First Locomotive

Inventors' Rights

Fish for Food

Steam Applied to Organs

To Remove Incrustations in Steam Boilers

Lignum Vit Journal Boxes

Liquors Used in the United States

Cultivation of the Olive

Fire Engine Performances

Hydraulic Cement Paint

Researches in Terrestrial Physics

Selection of a Carpet

To Prevent Teeth from Bleeding

Transporting Timber

Accidents from Fire-Arms--Safety Locks

Accidents on Railroads

Improvement in Railroad Carriages

Multiplying Gearing

Painting Window Shades

Improved Bush for Mill-Stones

Improved Ox Yoke

Attaching Hubs to Axles

Bending of Iron Pipes

Improved Seed Planter

Improvement in Anvils and Vises

Comphene--Its Dangers


Ericsson's Engine for Steamships

Parker's Water Wheel

Progress of Invention and Civilization


The American Institute and Riddle's Fair

The Great India Rubber Case

Irish Peat

List of Patnet Claims

Railroad Accidents

Stages and Railroads--Steam Coaches

Tenacity of Life in Insects

An Important Paragraph

Literary Papers

Patent Claims

To Correspondents

Coffins of Baked Clay of the Chaldeans

Agricultural Science

Rifled Muskets

Elephants' Bones

Day's Improvement in Street Sewers

New Kind of Tobacco


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    April 10, 1852