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Steamers to France

Improvements in Metal Planes

The Inventor of Chain Bridges

Shipping Intelligence

Liability of Railroad Companies

The Central Railroad

Improved Coupling for Pipes and other Pur

Recent Foreign Inventions

Indian Hemp

Carter's Apple Parer

Steamboat Explosions



Another Terrible Steamboat

American Cotton

Railroad Accidents

The Telegraph in Mexico

New Theory of Coal Basins

The Nebular Hypothesis

Curious Phenomenon

Gas and Leakage of Pipes

Monument to the Founder of the Smithsonian Institute

Testimony to the Value of the Meat Biscuit

News from Europe in Five Days

Freezing of Vegetables

New Tally-Board

Improvement in Wheels

New Machine for the Gold Regions

Improvement in Steam Boilers

Paine's Patent System of Ventilating Railroad Cars

Lamp Oil can for Machinery

Improved Railroad Car Truck

McCormick's Reaper

To Prevent Chimneys from Smoking

The Wheeling Bridge--Steamboat Chimneys

The Great Propeller Case in England

Aerial Navigation

Reformed Patent Law

Loss of the Amazon

List of Patent Claims

Important to Merchants and Pilots

Fresh Water on Shipboard

Crossley's Patent Carpets

Chimneys of Boilers

To Correspondents

Literary Papers

An Important Paragraph

Experiments at Washington

Railroad Items

On Boilers.--No. 19

Source of the Nile

Agricultural Science

Cure for Hiccups



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