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Injury to the Fruit

Ohio and Indiana Railroad

Explosion of a Locomotive

Railroad Obstructions

Improved Rotary Stone-Cutting Machine.--Fig. 1

Great Discovery for Tobacco Smokers

Death from Using Chloroform

Ale in London

Recent Foreign Inventions

Wheeling Bridge.--Explosions

Iron Steamships for the Cunard Line

Challenge to American Shipbuilders

Great Steamship Accident

Discoveries in Africa

The Municipal Telegraph--Who was the First Inventor

The City of Liverpool


Woodworth's and Parker's Renewal of Patents

Illuminating Light Houses

The Fire Annihilator Gun

Railroad Track Cleaner

Machine for Making Paper Bags


Stone Cutting Machine

Improvement in Windows

Improved File Cutting Machine

Improvement in Fire Engines

Improved Boiler Front

Improved Shears.--Fig. 1

Port Monaies

Iron Drill

Page's Electro-Magnetic Engine--A Misrepresentation

The Fire Annihilator Trial

An Alum Spring


No Extension of Patents--Reform the Patent Laws

Is Alcohol a Poison?

The Search for Sir John franklin

Russia Iron--Patents for Introducing Inventions

New York Engineers Institute

List of Patent Claims

Blowers for Furnaces

Mystery of the American Lakes

Ventilation of Ships

Inventors and their Models

Literary Papers

To Correspondents

An Important Paragraph

Unique Piece of Jewelry

On Boilers.--No. 20

Bone Dust for Crops

Exploration of the Sources of the Red River

Cultivation of the Vine in Ohio

Economy of Water and Steam Power

Atomic Number and Equivalent in Chemistry

Agricultural Science

Remarkable Cave


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