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Breaking of Railroad Car Axles

Great Railroad Speed

Vapor Baths Applied to Cattle

Eayrs' Patent Stone Dressing Machine

Explosion of a Mountain

New Locomotives

Our Silver Currency

A Great Locomotive Feat

Beet Sugar in Utah

Foundation, Natural and Artificial

Improved Bricks

Improved Preparation of Butter

Increase of the use of Opium

Interesting Statistics of the New York Post Office

Electric Clock

Foreign Patents

Gooseberry Bushes

A Good Act

Preserving Hams

Prohibiting the Sale of Goods by Sample

Another Claimant for the Steamboat

Sub-Marine Wire

The Cow Tree

The Crystal Palace in New York

The Steamer Glencoe

How to Get Sleep

Observations upon Planting, Cultivating, Digging, and Cellering Potatoes

The Dual Phenomenon

Barker's Double-Acting Forcing and Lifting

Improved Grain Separator

Improvement in Boxes for Mill Dams and Breakwaters

Improvements in Locomotives

Patent Circle Plate for Doors

Chinese Antiquities in Ireland

The Woodworth Patent in the Senate

International Copyright

Law Questions on Patents, Parker's Wheel, &c

Discussion about our Patent Laws

Patent Case

Paying for Parker's Water's Wheel

Some Reasons Why Patents should not be Extended

Another Fire Annihilator Experiment

Bill for Reforming the Patent Laws

Hindoo Letters

List of Patent Claims

Petition for Extension of a Patent

Recent Foreign Inventions

Another Dreadful Explosion

To Correspondents

Inventors and their Models

Literary Papers

City Subscribers

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

An Important Paragraph

Back Numbers and Volumes

Another Small Planet

Ten Hour System

Agricultural Science

Advice to Writers for the Press

On Boilers.--No. 21

Looking-Glasses for Birds



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    May 01, 1852

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