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Silver in Bohemia

Philadelphia and Oswego Railroad

The Panama Railroad

Improvement in Screw Propellers

Railway from St. Petersburgh to Warsaw

Composition of Water--Paine's Light

Another Tubular Suspension Bridge

To Dye Hats Green or any other Color

Baths for the People

The Great India Rubber Case Again

Recent Foreign Inventions

A Poison Spring

Steamboat Disasters on the Western Waters


Improvements of the Hudson River

American Ingenuity

The Engineers' Strike

Important Invention

A Terror to Milk Dealers

Ten Hour Law in Ohio

Improvement in Fulling Mills

Improved Tool for Boot and Shoemakers

Sharp's Rifle

Machine for Making Pills

Improved Locomotives

Brake for Railroad Cars

Patent Shovel

Improvement in Lifting Pumps

Gold Seeker

Improvement in Knobs

Great Fire Engine Performance

Prescription Scales

The People's College

The Fire Annihilator, and Scientific American

Cooling Air in Hot Climates

Telegraph Case

Are Patents Monopolies?

List of Patent Claims

Cochineal Raised in Europe

Petition for Extension of a Patent

Grave of an Ancient Sea King

Resemblance of Lords and Savages

Compensation Pendulums

Ventilation Lights

An Important Paragraph

To Correspondents

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes


Hiccup and Sneezing

On Boilers--No. 23

Nautical Architecture


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