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Traffic of the Wheeling Bridge

Honor to Agassiz

Dangers of Railroads

Indiana and Ohio Central Railroad

Slater's Heating and Fire-Proof Boiler Front

Taft's Frictional Coupling


Bushing Tomatoes

California a Hundred and Fifty Years Ago

Camphene Lamps

Coillns' Line of Steamers

Compliment to Mr. Squier

Cultivating Potatoes

Cure for Cancer

Handling Red-hot Metal

Honey Trees in California

The Great Britain Screw Steamship Again

The Sand in Egypt

Coffee, its Properties, &C

Engineers' Institute of New York City

Nystrom's Calculating Machine

Hydrogen Gas for Singeing Cloth

Dairyman's Assistant

Improvement in Paper Making

Improvement in Time Pieces

Improvements in Pianofortes

Improvements in Ventilation

Improvement in Threshing Machines

Guthrie's Water Indicator for Boilers


Another Telegraph Case

Discovery of Etherization

Fires and Falling Walls


Naval Dry Docks of the United States

New War Steamers

Patent Self-Raising Flour

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

Vegetable Origin of Coal

List of Patent Claims

Surface Coal

Something New and Important, if True

The Omnibus

An Important Paragraph

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Claims

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

To Correspondents

Agricultural Science

A Singular Case

Powerful Antidote

On Boilers.--No. 24




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    May 22, 1852

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