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Unparallelled Speed

Commercial Navy of Great Britain

Railway Curves, Axles &C

Buffalo and Lockport Railroad

The Art of Growing Trees from Cuttings

Woodworth's Seed Planter

The Crystal Palace

Compensating Pendulums

The Composition of Water

The London Artizan

The Discovery of Jupiter's Satelites

The Cultivation of Madder and other Dyes

The Mouth of the Mississippi

The Megatherium

Recent Foreign Inventions

A Wonder

Mortality at the Andover Theological Seminary

Benefits to Readers

Improvements in Roofing

Patent Blind and Shutter Fastener

Improvements for Cutting Staves

Improvement in Speaking Tubes

Club Feet--A Benevolent Invention

Improvement in Gas Meters

Improvement in Buttons

The American Great Exhibition

Street Sewers--Iron Pipes

Hot Air Engines

The Woodworth Patent

The Benefits of Patents

New York Times and the Patent Laws

List of Patent Claims

Thunder of Waterfalls

Linton's Improvement in Brick Kilns

Foucault Illustrated

Extension of a Patent

Preservation of Milk

Back Numbers and Volumes

An Important Paragraph

To Correspondents

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Culture of Rhubarb

On the the Topical use of Chloroform

Saving Manure

Agricultural Science

The Chances of Life

The Food of Man

A New Comet

On Boilers--No. 25


Currant Bushes


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    May 29, 1852

    Confronting Common Wisdom